(nar. 14.04.2017) 

HD:A/A, ED:0/0, OCD ramen: negat.

HNPK: N/N, prcd-PRA: N/N, EIC: N/E, Myo-CNM: N/N, SD2: N/N

OVVR I. cena

SAM 4248 2


Richbourne Play It Again

Richbourne Starplayer

Jayncourt Star Turn At Sandylands

Sandylands Wait And See
Jayncourt Star Kissies

Richbourne Shooting Star

Jayncourt Star-Striker
Lenches Graceful of Richbourne

Richbourne Time Flies

Aroscas Time Will Tell

Rocheby Old Smokey
Chunal Barley Wine

Lenches Graceful of Richbourne

Sandylands Gad-About
Lenches Tiptop

Kelly z Novoveských lučin

Tapeatom Born A Star

Tapeatom Solo Singer

Tapeatom Storm Force
Tapeatom Going For A Song

Tapeatom Grace And Favou

Tapeatom Gusto
Tapeatom Libertine

Nora z Novoveských lučin

Bubbling Yves

Rosanan Earl Of Roses
Bubbling Sheba

Lusty Bonny Sable Blues

Rocheby Smokescreen
Bonny Bee Sable Blues


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IMG 7681

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